The most iconic living rooms are here, in Muranti!


Summer is almost in the end, so it is time to think about new projects or renovate your home decor. Muranti is always following the new trends never losing the class of its pieces.

The next images are some of the best Muranti’s living rooms.

Natural light comes into this room and brings the sheen of the pieces to our eyes. For this project we choose natural colours with some appointments of colours that leave no one indiferent. 

Obsidian stool is a mater piece in Muranti's projects. Everyone wants it. You can use it not only in living rooms but also in bedrooms, halls and bathrooms! In this living room the key pieces are the bookshelves that keep all the attention in the room. The metal tons bring all the outiside light making this room a desirable place to be! 

When you look at this living room you just think of the word: Glamour! This pieces are all part of Muranti´s latest collection, Kozmus Collection. Full of metal, it creates a luxury but also comfortable space where you can have your guests and make them feel glamorous. 

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