Open spaces: the gift that keeps on giving!

- #Kozmus Collection

By definition, an open space is the integration of several ambiences in one single area. But for us, it goes far beyond that, since we consider it to be a practical, functional, and dynamic solution that has come to stay!


Over the past few years, open spaces have been boosted and became increasingly popular around the world, mainly encompassing the living room. For apartment dwellers in particular, there is already a certain standardization in sharing the living room with the dining room. However, regardless of the typology of the home, we increasingly see the kitchen being integrated into the living area as well.


But why have open spaces become such a success? Well, as we spend our days away at work and dealing with daily concerns, our need for socialization, togetherness, and proximity has been intensified. There is also an appreciation for the feeling of spaciousness, airiness, and brightness. In apartments, open spaces create the illusion of a larger environment. On the other hand, in houses, they bring a sense of unity. It's a dynamic that appeals to everyone and is therefore one of the interior design trends for 2023.



For uniformity, coherence, and harmony, here are some tips for your open space to be well utilized, properly designed, and beautifully structured:


- It is essential that the floor of this environment is homogeneous and consistent, otherwise there will be a visual incoherence that detracts from the concept.

- For an open space to be well accomplished, the real key is the separation of environments without partitions, done in a subtle way, through the use of remarkable pieces.

- The sofa is, generally speaking, the star of any living room. Its magnificence can help to split the environments. Rugs are also great options to visually separate the space. A dining table with a unique and interesting design, on the other hand, sections off the dining room and adds visual value to the space.

Either way, the most important aspect is to ensure that the multiple environments that make up a single open space are built harmoniously and attenuately.

What about over there? Do you favor the traditional constitution of a house, or do you believe that, in fact, open spaces are worthy of all their popularity over the last few years? Is it one of the trends to embrace?

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