Let’s talk about multi-purpose rooms, shall we?


For all long-time apartment dwellers, there is a certain comfort but also some frustration when it comes to living in these types of homes.

These housing complexes have become increasingly common over the years, taking into consideration the exponential growth of the world's population and, consequently, the resulting need for housing.

Apartments are not particularly known for being large, spacious, and airy. Quite the contrary, as the goal of this typology is to have more people living in places that take up less space, right?

But what do we do when we feel we need more space, whether for work or for leisure? The need to have more space has been emphasized by the pandemic, as it has highlighted how useful it is to have multi-purpose spaces when living rooms became offices, offices turned into bedrooms, and children's rooms were transformed into classrooms.

There is power in adaptability. So here are our suggestions for intentional multi-purpose spaces that will make you feel like you have more rooms than you actually do:

Fit a setup for working in a little nook of your bedroom or guest room. That way you can get your work done without crowding the common living area of the apartment.

Try moving your washer and dryer into the bathroom and thus turn your laundry room into a children's playroom, a library, or a reading corner.

Create multiple environments in your living room by using obvious or subtle dividers, such as rugs or bookshelves. Depending on how much space you have available, you can even integrate the living room and dining room into a single space.

Of course, all these suggestions depend on the size of the apartment in question, the rooms it has, and what is useful for each person. But now we'd like to know from you: what other spaces would make sense to repurpose and transform into multi-purpose spaces?

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