101 Guide for Arabic Inspired Interiors

- #Homedecor

Arabic influenced decoration is known worldwide for drawing attention and not passing unnoticed. But let's talk about what makes it one of a kind and inspires people all over the world.

The Arabic Interior Design is based on four pillars: lighting, golden accents, dark wood, and geometric patterns. All these elements are very unique and yet create the perfect décor harmony.


The lighting, usually reflected in candlesticks and traditional lanterns and fixtures, makes for a warmer atmosphere that reflects the comfort and hospitality of an Arab home.
The golden accents, which are often found on the doors, the shutters, and the windows with incredibly well-made arabesques, translate the wealth and luxury of their culture.
The dark wood, frequently used in the furniture and even in some of the architecture, helps to balance the interior and in it you usually find some unique carving figures that give a whole lot more personality to the house.
And, of course, the geometric patterns that make everything more interesting are typically found in the worldwide known rugs and cushions.


This decorative foundation tends to be complemented with poufs and blankets that, like the cushions, commonly have different shapes and sizes. Another great characteristic of Arabic Influenced Interior Design is the recurrent use of strong and vivid colors, which create an intensity of contrast between such patterns. Detailed, hand-painted tiles are a recurring application in this décor style, as well as canopies, mirrors, and muxarabis (partitions that help separate spaces).


The combination of all these elements make the Arabian Influenced Interior Décor Style much more exotic, elegant, intimate, and joyful. What about you? Does this colorful and playful decoration style inspires you? Tell us all about it on our social networks.


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