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Ametrine, one of the rarest types of transparent quartz, combines two colors: amethyst’s purple and citrine’s orange-to-yellow, growing together in a single crystal. Inspired by this gem our cabinet features different colors and materials. Ametrine cabinet will bring instant charisma to a modern interior design.

WIDTH: 110 cm | 43.3” DEPTH: 65cm | 25.5”

HEIGHT: 193,5 cm | 76.1”

Standard: Structure in Black and Cream Lacquer finished with High Gloss Varnish, Details in American Walnut, Stainless Steel and Beige Leather. Handles in Stainless Steel. Interior in Black and Cream lacquer finished with High Gloss Varnish, Beige Leather and Stainless Steel.

* All Materials can be customized

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