Muranti Furniture - Portuguese Luxury Brand Accessories Collection






Solid yet romantic, the Luminaire Collection blends distinct materials creating an unique pieces. Exuding a soft minimalism characteristic of Scandinavian designs the Luminaire pieces carry the delicacy of the wood and the softness of the marble. Clean and geometric forms that highlight the dynamic creating a beautiful bonding of materials. This collection are the ideal accessories in a modern home, hotel or restaurant, also are the perfect gift for those who love a beautiful piece of design full of personality.







Who says function can’t be fab? Essential Collection is a poetic exploration of forms and materials. The sublime beauty of simplicity in basic geometric shapes and noble materials like the American walnut and copper leaf are represented in the collection. These materials are harmonious, pure in their design with cylindrical shapes and with triangular cuts are the minimalist signature of this pieces. Create an atmosphere of serenity and mystery in your décor, and let your guests fall in love with your choice of accessories.







Rustic and elegant, Spectrum collection is characterized for its fine combination of woods and stainless steel. This collection is full of sublime beauty and remarkable pieces with an evident spiritual power. Our inner obsession with geometric patterns is completely based on this line of accessories, with its unique and luxurious pattern decorate your home with a luxurious and divine style. Let the highlights of these materials make your décor unforgettable, this collection will make you fall in love whenever you look at it.