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About us

By choosing MURANTI, you will be acquiring more than a design piece, you will experience matchless sensations in perfect harmony with your spaces, that suit your personality, just like you deserve!


Without even saying a word, colors have a powerful subconscious effect on every part of our lives,they have the ability to make us feel several and exciting emotions.





Design and produce luxury pieces that brings colors and contemporary style to any interior.

We want to be an unique design brand a reference in the world, but also we want to be recognized for the highest harmony between the design, colors, materials and the perfect manufacturing. We want to be in the top of mind of every costumers, interior designer, design lover, architect, opinion leader, media and store of our world.

Products with high quality 100% made in Portugal, our team and craftsmen cares for each piece to bring comfort and fiction that you deserve, ally with the choice of the best materials and finishes. You should expect a diversify of products for you be able to create different and harmony spaces.

Design | Design is our reason, each piece reflects our dedication for design. We believe that the elegance and sophistication presented in our collection are timeless. Excellence | We promise to bring you distinction and excellence in every piece of our collection, from the noblest materials, excellence will emerge. Costumer satisfaction is our goal and responsibility. Passion | We put passion in everything we do, we love our work and this inspire our team to create new pieces for you. Manufacture | All the pieces are handmade by our experienced craftsmen, we value the old production that have been forgotten by industrial production, which makes each piece unique and luxurious. We don’t leave any detail or element forgotten. Harmony | The balance between strength and subtle, strong and soft textures, warm and fresh color, innovation and classic finding the perfect elements to create powerful pieces. An original use of textures, combination of textiles, materials and colors.

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